Eve's Women

Here's my vision:  guest writers, interviews. 

Comes a moment, or an experience, or a number of experiences, or a period of time, when we are stripped of what we are and are forced to look at who we believe ourselves to be.  Somewhere out there, there's a quote about the making of a hero.  He must experience a fall and there must be a redemption.  At some point, when we struggle with being, we can rebuild ourselves, our understanding of worth, and we rise up as heroines.  We walk with Eve.  We go forth with hope and grace.  They are the stories I want to have, here, on this blog.

And, maybe it's not possible - to have people talk about what may be close to their heart.  That sharing of such intimate moments might make them vulnerable to others who may see them as less, or weak.  Or may condemn someone else's actions.  Or may, just be conversationally taboo.  Or may show to others that we do sometimes falter in our faith, in our commitment to others, in our esteem for self.  But, that after we falter, we put ourselves back together and live life.  

But I think it can happen.  Those stories.   I think they can be told with raw open honesty, and with beauty and care and grace for self and those involved.